Glass as Art

How you choose glass as art medium defines quality of your final masterpiece. It all started when Norman and the Gothic Cathedrals used glass as art and decorative medium back in 1700 century. Still, it is the popular artwork to decorate your home with, or to gift your loved ones. Glass artwork comes in various forms, such as wall hangings, jewelry, showpieces, and decorative mediums etc.

Here are some glasses available that you might want to use for your various glass art projects.

  • Granite glass is a textured glass, works great for glass art. On one side, its surface is smooth which is easy to cut, and on other side, it has textured surface. If you wish to get some great texture in your final artwork piece, granite glass would be perfect for you. .
  • Water glass is a beautiful smooth glass which is easy to cut just like butter. Since it gives the appearance of water surface, this is why it’s called water glass. Since it allows a lot of light to come through, it can’t be used for mosaic projects. However, it works best for foil and leaded glass projects.
  • Similarly, opaque and semi-opaque glasses call for different needs.

How to Choose Glass as Art Medium?

Here are some factors that you must consider while choosing glass as art medium.


Manufacturer – Don’t rely on just one brand. Experiment with various styles and forms of glass. However, choose the glass manufacturer after inspecting its status. Take a look at their history, methodology, quality of products and pricing.


Consult an expert – Get in contact with someone who can be a knowledgeable source to assist you finding the right materials.

Compatibility – When it comes to glass fusing artwork, you might want to consider compatibility of glass sheets before they can be fused together. Apart from knowing Coefficient of Expansion (COE) of glass, make sure the glass manufacturer performs factory testing for glass compatibility.