Glass Art Paperweight

Glass art paperweight is the most amazing way to display natural beauty encased under glass dome. It could be a great art piece to gift your friends and an ideal piece for home-decoration. There are many serious collectors and hobbyists out there who love to pile up these finest creations. Not only their making involves intense crafting skills, but also requires some precise detailing. Whether you want to opt for antique or modern style glass paperweight, it depends on your personal preference. The fact that no two glass art paperweight can be same fascinates the collectors. Why people love to collect these so avidly is unexplainable. Yet their appeal lies in its everlasting beauty that doesn’t fade with time.

How glass art paperweight is made?

Strikingly, everything inside out is made of glass art. Whether you see flowers or insect inside the dome, it’s all glass artwork. However, you may see different variety of glass paperweight, but they are made in almost same way. Glass art paperweight is typically made at 2300° Fahrenheit where hot glass gets interesting. Heating, marvering, and tooling are steps required to get the desired design of glass art paperweight. Here are some popular techniques.

Millefiori glass art paperweight

Millefiori is an elaborate glass making technique in which pattern colored glass rods are cut, grouped to form floral shapes arranged into intricate patterns, and then encased in clear crystal.

Lampwork glass art paperweight

It is made by melting glass rods over a flame or torch. Tools are also used to shape and manipulate the glass. With this technique, you can create small paperweights. Examples are butterfly, flower weights and snake weights.

Bubble ball glass art paperweight

While glass making, artists usually avoid bubbles inclusion. Here, things are different. Bubbles are purposefully put into the glass for decorative effect.