Glass Art Supplies

Creating glass artwork can be a fun and addictive hobby. However, to get started with glass crafting, you must have some basic skills, essential tools and glass art supplies. This way you can get the perfect result. There are many suppliers who offer the best glass art supplies out there for your specific glass art technique. Here are all tools and glass art supplies you might need for your glass art passion.

Fused glass art supplies – Glass fusing requires heating glass to a specific temperature. This is why eye safety and compatible fusible glass is preferred. Use special didymium safety glasses for protection. In addition, you must invest on a kiln. Whether you need to buy large-size or small kiln will depend on your interests. Other must-have items are heat-resistant gloves, Kiln wash and brush.

Stained glass art supplies – These tools are required whether you build your project using copper-foil method or lead-came.

  • For drafting purpose – Metal Ruler, pencil and permanent markers and White pattern paper.
  • For breaking glass – A pair of combination pliers
  • For soldering – flux with brush – it is needed for strong binding between materials.
  • Glass grinder to trim glass edges and harmonize the glass pieces so they can merge together on a pattern.
  • Project patterns
  • Safety glasses
  • Self-oiling glass cutter


If you’re a beginner, it’s better to opt for a clear glass. This is because it tends to be less expensive than colored glass. For keen artistic minds, shop online or buy a colored smooth glass as it’s easier to work with than compared to textured glass. Remember, you should be buying more glasses than you estimated for your project.

Flameworking supplies – This artwork involves manipulating glass using heat generated from torch. So most importantly, you will need a hot head torch, glass rods and annealers.