Glass Artwork

Why Fused Glass Artwork Matters?

Glass fusing is one of the great ways to display your creativity in glass art world. Basically, it’s a fusion of different bits of glass together. As a result of it, you get endless possibilities to make interesting new patterns. And, it becomes a lot of fun experimenting with glass art.

Whether you choose for glass fusing technique or any other form of glass artwork, make sure to follow these safety tips. If you’re interested in doing glass artwork, have patience and be focused to do it well. As soon as you learn it and start doing it, you will find this glass art really amusing.

Here are some tips and tricks to perform fused glass artwork:

Start With Simple

If you’re new to glass fusing, don’t pick some fancy shape. Instead, pick something simple and shorter-sized mold. Once you wade through this type of glass art, you can make anything you have dreamt of.

Decide On the Shape You Want

With so many shapes and molds, choose the one which you feel like to create your glass art on.

Start cutting into smaller stacks

Once you decided what kind of glass you want to use, take your mold and measure it. Get the idea of size of glass you need to cut. Make sure you cut them into small equal strips. For smooth cutting, you may allow glass cutters to dip in cutting oil. However, it can leave fingerprints and oil traces on your glass art afterwards. To resolve this issue, you can use a soft soap to remove them.

Glass fusion in kiln

Once you’re ready, arrange pieces of glass, lay them out in your design and put it in kiln. Remember, if you put wet or dirty glass into kiln, it can deform or crack the glass. Don’t rush to take your pieces out of kiln. Instead, let them cool down to room temperature, otherwise it will shatter.