Glass Art on Wall

Glass is a 4000 year-old art form. Ideas for glass art on wall come from exploring both materials and techniques. Since glass is heavy, lack uniformity, and doesn’t frame naturally as pictures, hanging glass art on wall is a challenging task. However, brilliant minds have blessed us with various solutions, so there is no need to fear. If you are thinking to decorate your home, you might want to use stained glass art on wall according to your taste and need. It’s an eye-catching artwork, better than canvas. However, you must consider few factors before you decide to choose and install stained glass art on wall.

Budget – You must decide how much wall area you want to cover with artwork. Because stained glass pricing varies from $50-$200 per square foot, it can be an affordable option for those who wants a boost in style for their home with limited budget.

Installation – Well, glass artworks are heavy. Good part is that there are many professional installers who use non-drilling systems and has standoffs available for your different needs.

Tips to place glass art on wall

There are several ideas to decide how to put glass art on wall. Whether you choose to hang cast glass, blown glass art on wall, or a fused glass splash art, here are some tips to do it adequately.

  • Nowadays, there is a trend of standoff mounting. Behind the art, there should be space that lifts the artwork away from the wall. This means more light will be able to penetrate and reflect the glass art for everyone to enjoy.
  • Make sure there is a constant distance between the wall and decorative glass art. For this, you can use clear acrylic tubing and glue it to back of glass along with spacer. This spacer will help you maintain the uniform distance.