Ideas for Glass Art Wall Decor

The magical properties of glass are so enchanting that nobody can resist putting it as a beautifying item at their houses. One such attractive outcome of glass artwork is the glass art wall decor. It is one of the ways to show your home’s welcoming attribute. Here are different ideas which you may want to adopt for your home.


Water color glass art wall decor

You can completely change the attire of your living room using collection of water color glass bowls and put them together on a wall using an adhesive.

Textured glass art wall decor

You can also use textured glass wall art. Depending on your room, you can pick among the cool and warm colors.

Sandblasted glass art wall decor

An artwork made of sandblasted glass may give your wall a soothing look. Its polished interior and shade of colors may give you a feel similar to natural river stone. Another style you might want to consider is when several layers of multicolored glass are applied to a glass plate. Then plate is sandblasted to produce an indistinct contrasting combination.

Tips and tricks

  • Glass art wall decor is not at all boring. Instead, try to search for beautiful styles as per room’s size and wall space so that you can hang on your wall easily.
  • Let’s say your room has more neutral colors, you must include a colorful blend of glass art wall decor that’s definite to bring life to your boring home interior.
  • It’s good idea to hang the glass wall artwork over fireplace (being the focal point of room).
  • Either hang one large size art piece or go for group of small art pieces of same size together.
  • Always choose smaller size art pieces for your narrow walls, and larger for big walls.
  • If you want to hang glass art wall decor in dining room, you may want to hang it a bit lower since everyone usually sits there. So it’s better to hang the artwork at eye level.